The Very Sexy Corsets and Stockings

Corsets and StockingsThe objective of corsets and stockings is to achieve much more of an shapely figure. This really is accomplished by narrowing the waist so the hips and breasts appear more notable. This can be a very sexy and powerfully feminine look that may be employed by each and every body type, from small to plus sizes. From the beginnings being an harmful Victorian whalebone undergarment, the corset has evolved to turn into the much gentler symbol of shape-shifting sexiness that it really is these days.

While a corset and camisole might look very similar, both undergarments are essentially different. A camisole's purpose is certainly not more than a fancy undershirt with lace and ribbons worn being an undergarment. A corset's purpose however is a lot more dramatic. A corset provides structured support to generate curves and shapes which do not typically exist in the same manner. Normally a corset can have two straps in the front and two straps in the back that link the corset to stockings to hold the nylons up.This can be a very seductive look, particularly with matching panties or thong. The minimum quantity of garters attached with a corset is four. Nevertheless, a variety of straps might be attached. Generally, the more straps suited to a corset, the more uniform and reliable their hold on the stockings.

The current corsets, unlike the ones from the nineteenth century, usually are not bad for your well-being because they are no more made to place undue stress on our bodies. Instead, they are created for complete adjustability based on your likes and the body type. Most corsets tighten via a system of laces. The corset's tightness stays reinforced when the laces are adjusted to the preferred fit.

 I really like the old-style retro lingerie, traditional corsets and suspender sets where you can wear and stylize your legs with fully fashioned seamed stockings. You most likely don’t know this but I have this thing for attractive corsets. I believe I have close to twenty of these. They could have a certain number of straps to generate the sleekest lines at the thighs and to keep your garment in its right position during long spells of sitting down.

I’ve tried an eight suspender corset however it was just too complex to attach the stockings; six is difficult enough, specially the back ones. For aged ladies, this can be a real problem. An elderly acquaintance solved the issue by ordering her corsets with four suspenders; two at the front and one at each side. Another lady, who has to wear rather sturdy support stockings, declared that four suspenders might possibly be too risky and kept to six. She asserted she attached the rear suspenders before setting up the corset, then with all the corset loosely fastened she would do the front and sides and lastly tighten the laces. I use much the same technique although being more youthful, I’m still flexible enough to regulate the clips with the corset tightened. The lady in her 60’s wears such a long corset (it’s a complete 5 inches above the waist she said) and also heavily boned that bending over as soon as the laces are tightened is not an option. She also commented upon her corsetiere's advice that the Trendelenburg Position was ideal for lacing her corsets, when she laced her corsets lying flat on her back, she would never retain the vertical position.

This really is okay if you are only wanting to get the corset look but do not want an all waist reducing corset. For a waist reducing corset you will need to do a lot more seeking. What you need to search for is steel boned, front busk, waist tape, multiple layers of non-stretch fabric converted into a corset. Absolutely the best is to buy a custom corset where they request close to 10 measurements and custom make one to match your body. Do searches online to research the corset maker and you ought to be able to find testimonials.

Dita Von Teese In Corsets and Stockings


Anita said...

I have had the exquisite pleasure of wearing corsets all of my adult life. The longer and more rigid the better. Of course nylons and heels are mandatory.

Nice post!

Becky Brand said...

I'm glad the current corsets are unlike the ones from the nineteenth century it would take some time putting them on! but I do occasionally wear corsets and stockings especially when the material was very sleek and stretchy

Brandy said...

Black corsets with matching stockings make me look and feel good. Black corsets with stockings are guaranteed to make any woman feel sexier and slimmer the moment they slip one on!