Cotton gussets enhance comfort and fit - plus as the cotton is breathable they’re perfect for personal hygiene.

You can tell if a product has a cotton gusset by searching for a white circular patch of fabric at the top of the tights where the legs join.

Some products may have a similar looking gusset made from other materials. If you want to check that that product you like has a cotton gusset, read the fabric contents, as it will more often than not say 1% cotton when it's a cotton gusset.

This is similar to a cotton gusset, a plain gusset will enhance comfort and fit, neverthless, as it isn’t made from cotton you won’t have the same hygiene benefits.

Plain gussets can come in various colors, including white. If you’re not sure if your gusset is cotton or not, try reading the fabric contents, if there is no mention of cotton, then it will be a plain gusset.

No Gusset is when tights or pantyhose don't come with a gusset, instead, the thickness of the fabric will remain the same around the top of the legs and waist. These tights or pantyhose will have a straight seam and some may even have a seam that’s been sewn into a gusset V shape.

Open Gusset means that the tights or pantyhose will have an open hole where the gusset would usually be. This is ideal for keeping cool and fresh, plus for hygiene reasons.