Is it Comfortable Sleeping in Pantyhose?

sleeping in pantyhose
I have just discovered how wonderfully comfortable pantyhose is to wear... And so I would like to sleep in them. But is it safe to rest while wearing pantyhose? There might be some dangers to your health, for example circulation, breathing for your skin. Nevertheless, some girls do sleep in pantyhose. They find pantyhose much more comfortable than PJs. They just don't wear control top pantyhose to bed, instead they wear a more substantial size.

I don't see any complications with wearing them to bed, but be aware:when they are too tight they will often cut off your circulation and they'll probably increase your risk of getting cellulite...I sleep in pantyhose or tights repeatedly within the winter time. I've never had any problems, and I make sure they are comfortable and not too constrained.

Whatever the case, I would believe that you would require special care of your personal hygiene should you do this routinely. Even so, if you are not having any issues with wearing them to bed at night, then don't worry about it because sleeping in pantyhose feels great.

Most women believe there isn't any problem by any means in sleeping in pantyhose, the fact is, if you sleep with your boyfriend or husband, I am REALLY SURE he wouldn't complain...... however..... I hope you don't mind all the groping and molesting of wandering hands that goes on during the night time while you are asleep.

My girlfriend Mia sleeps in her pantyhose too she loves the way they feel on her as she sleeps. She also loves sleeping in pantyhose simply for her fiancee every night.

I really don't usually sleep in pantyhose, but I have heard of many ladies who have. They will often put them on since they are comfortable or for added warmth because its cold outside also. Additionally a woman wears pantyhose to bed to help shape her legs in addition. But usually it is for their man and the attention they get from it.

I started wearing pantyhose to sleep at the age of ten. Just how I was raised made it seem perfectly normal. I wore them under my pjs then later added a bodysuit. Any night when I was anxious or disturbed, I'd pull on my nylons and as soon as I snapped close the crotch of my bodysuit, I'd feel totally safe. I do it to this day, except I like wearing a light gown to sleep with my hose now, and if I get too anxious, I wear an old torn up pair as a top and a run free pair as a bottom.

I think I am one of the many ladies who likes pantyhose and wears them often (5-6 times a week). . I typically leave them on after work for a little while and there have been times where they simply never came off. I might have fallen asleep after work.

Basically ,you are not meant to wear tight things when sleeping, it blocks blood circulation and increases fatigue because your blood is not flowing. Even bras and tight undies ought to be taken off, needless to say pantyhose.

Sleeping in Pantyhose


Angela said...

I do especially in the cold months. I apply leg moisturizer and wear stockings to sleep every alternate day to keep my legs fair and smooth ;)

Julia said...

Yes I really do wear stockings to bed

Holly said...

Yes I would and I have worn pantyhose to bed. I did it for my husband and he was so excited by it we had great sex that night.
Its fun and not too kinky if that's what you are worried about. But only wear them if you want to. don't do anything you do not feel comfortable with it.

sexylegsandbody said...

I do not think my wife will wear tights or pantyhose to bed, but if she decides to do it, we are not going to get much sleep... :)

Thanks for leaving a comment on my last post, I fully agree with you, especially the flirting part.


Lucyyy said...

Yes, I never knew more women liked wearing pantyhose and thought I was the only one. I always sleep in pantyhose, they are so comfortable and they feel good slipping between the sheets. Pantyhose are just wonderful.
I once wore this really soft nude pair to school and didnt want to take it off so I slept in it and wore it again under a dress the next day :)

Anonymous said...

have slept in pantyhose myself feels great slipping between the sheets I wear everyday am male straight and no its not a fetish its something I love wearing . Am on my feet all day less fatique warmth on cold days support and makes my legs look great

Tina Bradley said...

I always take my tights and hosiery off after work and change into workout clothes of PJs. I was talking with someone recently who said they slept in their hosiery. I'm guessing it's more common that what I'd originally thought. T.

Anonymous said...

I have always worn pantyhose all day and to bed. My cardiologist says it is good for the circulation in your legs while laying down your heart doesnt have to work as had to get the blood up from your legs.
I used to like to wear a tight girdle over my pantyhose or tights I dont no why but I went into pantyhose right from garte stockings with a girdle to hold your nylons up. so I guess I thought thats what you do. I see support garments are coming back.
I might buy one and see what it is like again. Why are so many women abandoning nylons?

Jeff Kail said...

What do you think about men wearing pantyhose ? I wear them with shorts and I wear them to bed also. Yes I wear different colors depending on the color shorts and shirt I have on. I wear them with tennis shoes sandles and berkenstock Boston clogs. I wear them in public and no one ever says a word. I don't think anyone really cares . they are too busy with their own lives I guess. Yes I shave
My legs also. I am 46 and I have been wearing pantyhose since I was 14 years old. Not gonna stop now.

Frankie Amoroso said...

I think that men should wear hosiery for health reasons and why not men have worn them for centuries and there was a time when they wore more than women do

billy sam said...
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billy sam said...

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