Fashion Hosiery Tips

Fashion Hosiery Tips
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Q.What pantyhose brands have gussets, does Leggs brand have them? 
A. It would be better if you asked the opposite question. In other words, which pantyhose brands do NOT have a gusset? A majority of pantyhose brands have a gusset of some kind.

L'eggs Sheer Energy and L'eggs Silken Mist both have a cotton gusset. Wolford makes pantyhose that are completely seamless, and they do not have a gusset. Other high end pantyhose brands such as Fogal also make seamless pantyhose and when they are seamless, they don't have a gusset. They are some pantyhose brands that have the traditional seam but no gusset, but they are rare, There also brands whose gusset is nylon or nylon/lycra instead of the usual cotton/cotton blend; I presume the purpose with these styles is longevity and fit rather than helping to whisk moisture away,
Q. Bare legs seem to be so popular today. Is pantyhose out of style? 
A. Pantyhose may be coming back. For fall 2006, every (and I mean EVERY) major fashion magazine in the USA declared black tights in, in no uncertain terms. The tights shown in these magazines were worn with the most open-toed, strappiest shoes you can imagine. Many claimed, "Well, hosiery and open-toed shoes are fine, as long as the hose aren't sheer". Hogwash! Before 2006, open-toed shoes with ANY kind of hosiery was considered worse than committing murder. Then suddenly, when the fashion world ran out of ideas, they changed the rule slightly to counteract their own hypocrisy.

In 2007, some designers displayed pantyhose in their runway shows. It made headlines, literally! Very recently, a representative from No Nonsense predicted a jump in interest in sheer pantyhose in both flesh and colored tones based on their visibility on the fall 2008 runway shows of Karl Lagerfeld and Miu Miu.

Coming later this year, in 2009, supposedly, more pantyhose: Ms. "snooty bare legs" herself, Sarah-Jessica Parker, was seen in Chanel Pantyhose October of 2008; they are apparently for “next season” (therefore, 2009). They look too stylish, too fancy, and too sheer to be considered “tights”.

Also, Tyra Banks was wearing a patterned pair of black pantyhose on her talk show. She was wearing them when she interviewed Sarah Palin's daughter's ex-fiancee (he fathered her child). Like the Sarah-Jessica Parker's hosiery, they were also too stylish, too fancy, and too sheer to be considered “tights”.

In addition, for the past several seasons, famous celebs like Jessica Alba, Zooey Daschanel, Paris Hilton, Beyonce, and Lindsay Lohan have been wearing sheer pantyhose quite regularly to clubs and on the red carpet. Are these young ladies "un-cool" and "out-of-step"? I don't think so.

If these trends continue to grow, some bare legged advocates who think they are hip may find themselves out of the loop, out of touch.

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