Most pantyhose you find will generally have a waistband which sits directly on your waist, level with your belly button. Pantyhose with a standard waistband will sit neatly behind the waist of your skirt or trousers. If you are wearing hipster skirts, these won’t be suitable for you as the top of the pantyhose will appear above the top of your skirt!

Hipster products are designed so that they don't go the entire way up to your waist and so they finish on your hips instead. They’re great if you like to wear hipster skirts or trousers as they will sit just below the top of your low-rise skirts and shorts.

Products with a high waistband have a much longer brief area so that the 'waistband' sits just under your bra rather than at waist level. High 'waisted' products are most often found with control top pantyhose and shapewear products seeing that they provide control over a large area. They are for this reason ideal to wear if you want to have a smooth, streamlined appearance and are worried about being a little too curvaceous on your back or upper belly! Also ideal for those women who don't want to hold anything in as if you are wearing a clingy dress wearing high waisted pantyhose there will be no waistband to show through around your middle.