The ABC's of Fashion Hosiery

The ABC's of Fashion Hosiery: A small handbook on how to match fashion hosiery, clothes and shoes

A few weeks ago my friend Becca asked me to write a little guide on how to match fashion hosiery and shoes.
Said and done! Here are my golden rules.

The seasonal factor.

Every season has its fashion hosiery .In the fall I love to wear the infamous knee highs, or the Parisian open toe stockings. High denier woolen or cashmere fashion hosiery (tights and stockings) are the most convenient leg-wear during the deep winter because, they can be beautiful and very comfortable to wear, and  at the same time they are keeping you warm.For spring instead I recently rediscovered the resource of patterned and fishnet stockings, my preferred are the lower denier and strictly in neutral colors.

How to match outfit and fashion hosiery; The golden rule of cool colors and warm colors.

If my outfit is made of warm colors (chestnut, chocolate, tobacco, burnt brick, sienna, burgundy, claret, all the warm tones of purple, camel, caramel, mustard, etc...) I shall opt for fashion hosiery colors belonging to the same color attire.

Conversely, if my outfit is focused on cool shades (all shades of gray, dark blue, light blue, bottle green, moss green, cool tones of purple, lilac, wisteria , etc ...) I will choose to wear fashion hosiery which match the colors of the attire.

The exception to the rule is the navy blue and dark gray that are perfect to match with all shades of dark red - maroon - burgundy - brick. So yes to brick-colored fashion hosiery on blue or gray suits ; yes and vice versa in anthracite or blue fashion hosiery on burgundy dresses .

White stockings.
Opaque white stockings have been out for a few decades .They were worn by nurses and we avoided them like the plague. They have recently become stylish and therefore we must necessarily have at leat a pair in our closet.To be paired with everything from black to red, from pink to blue, gray to camel.

How to match shoes and fashion hosiery.

Also to match the shoes I usually follow a rule similar to the one analyzed above.In principle, in shades of brown shoes will match the outfits built on the warm colors and black shoes to outfits built on the cool colors.

Colored shoes.

We have seen how to match the black shoes and brown, but girls ... who among us has only black and brown shoes in the closet? Now our closets are filled with shoes of every color imaginable, and since fashion has largely cleared  sandals and clogs in the winter through customs, we find ourselves having to match our outfits winter colors with  more diverse ones.

Two-tone shoes with contrasting heel.

In my opinion these shoes have to be matched taking into account only the color of the shoe, the heel is the breaking element and so its color must never be taken into consideration.

Glitter or gold shoes.

In principle, I find that they are valued more when donning nude fashion hosiery.But if you feel brave, a good way of wearing then during the daytime, is to use a Parisian colored stocking.

Red, pink,burgundy or purple shoes.

I like to match them with complementary colors, earthy and purely autumn then go-ahead to burgundy, the color of tobacco , chocolate, or neutral colors such as beige and ecru.

Green or blue shoes.

I like to match them up with light gray, black, beige / white fashion hosiery.Even in this case here there are interesting exceptions to the rule: both colors look great with camel, dark green blends perfectly with the pumpkin-colored and blue with some shade of brown.

White, beige or dove gray shoes.

I find it to be perfect to wear fashion hosiery in matching tones, combined with red or dark, brick red, blue and green moss.

At the end of the day, this is the last and most important golden rule to matching fashion hosiery, clothes and shoes: the rules are made to be broken and then you do not have to obsess on what to wear taboos when it comes to color! Throughout my teenage years I dressed keeping in mind a set of axioms: blue and black do not go well together; the vitamin colors should never be mixed together; pastel colors are paired with neutral colors only. Then I grew up and learned to play with the colors, and dared to experiment. Dressing up suddenly became a lot more fun!

So the most important golden rule is to follow your instincts and the inspiration of the moment and to take some small risk: you may find that two colors that you've never considered, together create a wonderful effect!