When you look at the packaging of tights you will find several different terms used to describe what the finish is, for instance: shiny, slight sheen, gloss, matt, shimmer.

Matte tights or pantyhose are completely matt with no shine whatsoever. Matte tights are both understated and flattering, moreover they won’t draw too much attention to your legs as they give an entirely flat look on your leg.

Slight Sheen
Hosiery with a Slight sheen has just a bit of shine rather than being completely matt. The slight sheen will give a softer outline to your legs as they do not give such a flat appearance as matt tights or pantyhose. They are suitable for every day and very elegant for the evening, especially in sheer styles.

Shiny hosiery has an clear shine to it and very much catches the light. Shiny hosiery also feels smooth and silky on your legs. They are ideal for special occasions, but can also be worn daily. Shiny hosiery will draw even more attention to your legs as the light reflects off the hosiery, modeling the shape of your legs. Shiny tights or pantyhose aren't great if you want to go for the "bare leg look" or don't want to show off your legs!

Very Shiny
Very shiny are products which have a Wet Look and other hosiery that is very glossy. They are very similar to shiny hosiery items but even glossier! So needless to say, very shiny tights or pantyhose will reflect the light, drawing attention to your legs. Very shiny hosiery will also highlight your legs and make them stand out from the rest of the crowd!