Stocking Terminology

* Body stocking - A body stocking, leotard or jumpsuit is a garment (usually nylon) that covers the torso and may extend to the toe. Initially designed as cosmetic covering in flesh tones and sheer texture, the garment is now widely interpreted in design but still retains its body clinging quality.
* Cuban-Heel - A stocking with a heel made with folded over and sewn reinforcement.
* Demi-Toe - Stockings which have a reinforced toe with half the coverage on top as on the bottom. This results in a reinforcement that covers only the tip of the toes as opposed to the whole toe. These can be with or without a reinforced heel.
* Denier - The lower the denier number the sheerer the garment. Stockings knitted with a higher denier tend to be less sheer but more durable.
* Fishnet - Knitted stockings with a very wide open knit resembling a fish net.
* Fencenet - Similar to fishnet, but with a much wider pattern. These are sometimes worn over another pair of stockings or pantyhose, such as matte or opaque, with a contrasting colour.
* Full-Fashioned - Full-fashioned stockings are knitted flat, the material is then cut and the two sides are then united by a seam up the back. Full-fashioned stockings were the most popular style until the 1960's.
* Hold-ups or Stay-ups - Stockings that are held up by sewn-in elasticated bands (quite often a wide lace top band).
* Matte - Stockings which have a dull or non-lustre finish.
* Mock Seams - A false seam sewn into the back of a seamless stocking.
* Nude Heel - Stockings without reinforcement in the heel area.
* Opaque - Stockings made of yarn which give them a heavier appearance (usually 40 denier or greater).
* RHT - Abbreviation of reinforced heel and toe.
* Open-toed - Stockings that stop at the base of the toe with a piece that goes between the first and second toes to hold them down. They can be worn with some open-toed shoes, especially to show off pedicured toes.
* Sandalfoot - Stockings with a nude toe, meaning no heavier yarn in the toe than is in the leg.
* Seamed - Stockings manufactured in the old Full-Fashioned manner with a seam running up the back of the leg. In the past they were manufactured by cutting the fabric and then sewing it together. Today stockings are generally fully knitted and a fake or mock seam is added up the back for a particular fashion look.
* Seamless - Stockings knit in one operation on circular machines (one continuous operation) so that no seaming is required up the back.
* Sheers - Stockings generally of a 15 to 20 denier.
* Knee-Highs - Stockings that terminate at or just barely below the knee.
* Thigh-Highs - Stockings that terminate somewhere in the mid-thigh.
* Ultra Sheer - A fine denier fiber which gives the ultimate in sheerness. Usually 10 denier.
* Welt - A fabric knitted separately and machine-sewn to the top of a stocking. Knit in a heavier denier yarn and folded double to give strength.

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