Some Personal Advice on Wearing Nylons

In this day and age, nylons can be found in many different styles and colors.What all this means is the modern day woman has a lot of selection when it comes to what she wears on her legs. On the other hand, this also means that it is easy to get lost when shopping for all the brands of stockings and nylons risking to purchase leg-wear that is not suitable for every for the occasion or event.

For the professional woman, going to work in a place with a particular dress code, the best thing to do is to avoid donning bright colored nylons with intricate patterns. These can make your legs and your whole look seem less professional, and could clash with the style of your attire. So  the suggestion is that a business women should sport light colors like beige or sheer tan hosiery in the summer and black or charcoal in winter.

Another issue that is very common to the modern day fashionista is tying to keep your nylons well organized.  This is something that I wear a lot, and for those like me, it is convenient to have plenty of them and keep them well organized in a  hosiery drawer with patterns separately, stay ups separately, and so on. This is the best way to avoid having the horrible awareness that you have to go to work or out and realize that you are out of proper hose.

We all have damaged nylons. I run through stockings very easily, but find that some hosiery the Berkshire Shimmers Control Top Opaque Tights are sheer enough to look like a dark stocking, yet sturdy enough to last. They seem true-to-size and are a good buy for the price. I love these stockings, plus they feel like silk on your legs. The control top panty holds on to you without feeling tight and uncomfortable.

For those however who have some damaged nylons that you were able to fix and still wear with boots or under pants, I suggest you keep them in a separate bag away from all the good ones.  Otherwise it is better to throw them away as there is nothing worse than putting on a pair of pantyhose and going out, only to find out they have a run in from the last time your wore them. As a rule of thumb, you should keep an extra pair of hosiery in your purse or at your desk. 

Last but not least, on the weekends, you can be more adventurous with your hosiery, perhaps going for some colors or patterns, ensuring that the rest of your outfit goes will with them in order to avoid a bad look. If you are wearing patterns in your clothing, your hosiery should be plain.  If you are wearing plain clothing, then you can consider adding patterned nylons to complete the outfit.


Anonymous said...

I love to see a lady in sheer nylons, so much power! Sheer suntan/nude just make me go weak in the knees. There are two kinds of ladies that should wear them more often. 1) those that need to (their legs aren't fit to be bare!!) and 2) those that just should to increase their hotness!

Diane said...

I can’t possibly express how much I love this post! In my neck of the woods, winters may be windy and rainy and cold, and leggings and tights are a blessing for us ladies living here!

Tina Bradley said...

I've been wanting to purchase a good pair of nude hosiery. Currently, I wear a lot of opaque tights in a wide array of hues. :) T.