Look! pantyhose at the Beach!

Have you ever worn pantyhose at the beach? I wear pantyhose on regular beaches with 1 and 2 piece swimsuits. I have seen other women wearing them at times. Honestly, tan hose look better and sexier than white legs. At first, I had the impression I was the only one on the beach to wear pantyhose but I was wrong..

Mind you I wear pantyhose at the beach for another reason too; I get an unsightly allergic rash on my bottom and legs if I go on a beach — but I really like the beach and do not want to give it up. The other day I walked out on the beach in a thin dress and very thin sheer nude pantyhose and did not get a rash. So I have found the remedy. I have had no problems at all. Wearing pantyhose at the beach is also convenient it keeps those nasty stingers at bay.

You do what you have to.......

Go and enjoy the beach wearing only your pantyhose.....

The good thing is that most beaches in the US are public so no one will likely give you a hard time if you decide to wear only pantyhose. It certainly wouldn't be the weirdest thing on the beach, although you will most likely collect more stares than if you were totally nude.

Wearing sheer pantyhose at a beach would look fanciful. Now every beach is different. Some are privately owned, while others are public beaches, and nobody cares if you wear pantyhose. I recommend is to vacation at a clothing discretional resort. Explain your medical circumstance to management. If they are a good resort, management will be more worried about your health situation.

You might feel more at ease wearing a thin or sheer beach wrap over the pantyhose.

I occasionally have walked in shorts and pantyhose at the beach...stilettos in hand, walking on the wet sand enjoying the feel of the fresh breeze. Sometimes my husband and I decide to go for a walk to the nearby beach first thing in the morning. I put on a denim dress and thong sandals and pantyhose as the morning was still a bit cool.

I love to head to the beach for some tanning, and have found hosiery that makes my legs look tan…while I can tan through them…Fantastic!

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